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Picturing your dream home can be easy but at Mary Riley Solutions we recognise that funding that dream can prove to be a daunting task. For that reason, we coordinate the professional and financial service providers from A - Z of the build project. This helps you get on with the important matter of building whilst secure in the knowledge that the crucial financial aspects are being expertly project managed.

We consider it a Privilege

To help clients from all over the UK realise their dream of building their own home by making the financial process as easy and straightforward as possible. If you are considering self-building, this is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss your plans with us.

Mary Riley Solutions

Is renowned within the Stage Release funding sector for the huge emphasis placed on customer care. Clients can take great comfort from knowing that experience and unrivalled knowledge is being utilised. Client care is paramount. One of our main objectives is to eliminate as much stress as possible, enabling you as our client to get on with the important matter of building your own home.

It all comes as part and parcel of the highly personalised service you can always expect from Mary Riley Solutions Limited.

We all very much look forward to a partnership that allows you to build tomorrow's home today.


Mary Riley Solutions has a wealth of experience in the Self Build Arena and has first hand experience of developing funding concepts that allow those looking to Self Build, Renovate, Convert or extend their properties to realize their dreams and aspirations. Coordinating the professional and financial service providers, Mary Riley Solutions are recognized industry experts and participate in numerous media forums providing information and sharing knowledge.


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