We will help you prepare an outline proposal for finance and provide guidance and support.  Mary Riley Solutions then povides guidance to help you prepare the required supporting documents.


Once your application has been completed and the supporting documents have been received, including the building plans, Mary Riley Solutions will work with the mortgage arranger to book a valuation. Thanks to our expertise in self-build project valuations, we can confidently ensure that this part of the process proceeds smoothly for you.

Stage Releases

Part of our service is to work with the mortgage arranger and formulate the amount of funds released at any given stage of the project. This important step must be completed so that your lender is able to meet your needs appropriately.

Formal Offer

We will remain in contact with the mortgage arranger until the formal Mortgage Offer is produced. Mary Riley Solutions will also review the stage release agreement to confirm that the offer reflects your requirements.

Stage Releases

Mary Riley Solutions will take charge of monitoring the release of funds as the project continues, but will also work with the appropriate parties to ensure that funding is available at the various stages of the project when you need it the most.

Panel of Solicitors

We can introduce you to a solicitor with expert knowledge of stage release/self build finance who can guide you through the legal process.


We can request quotations for non-regulated insurances which may be required for the build, such as site insurance and structural warranty coverage.

Specialist Knowledge

Mary Riley has a wealth of experience in the self-build process, and we can connect you with a number of product and service providers who are ready to help you turn your dream into reality.